The Power of The Mystical Hebrew Alphabet

Nov 15, 29, & Dec. 6, 13th

Come join us for this fascinating series that will enrich your life and expand your understanding of the world. You will surely never see the Hebrew language the same way!

The Kabbalists teach that the world was formed with the Hebrew Alpha-Bet. In this series, we will see the endless depth of the Holy language, the significance of the letter's name, sound, and form. How the numerology (gematria) of words reveal the depth of the system. We will see how the letters string together to form words in the same way amino acids combine to build a protein, thereby actually building our world and concepts. Through the study of the Holy tongue, we will uncover secrets about our psyche and the universe we live in. No knowledge of Hebrew is necessary for this course.

For All Ages. The whole series is just $40(for non-Kehilla members)

Tue, May 22 2018 8 Sivan 5778